Arts and Culture Festival 2016

Please Note: This event has already taken place. Please check our events list for current events.
15 August 2016 - 19 August 2016
Arts and Culture Festival 2016

The annual Arts and Culture Festival as presented by Sundays River Primary School is the biggest educational project in the Sundays River Valley with the focus on Arts and Culture. This year we have the following categories:

The categories open for entries are: MUSIC – all instrumental music in a variety of genres, but also duets, trios, quartets, bands, marimba bands etc. Class Singing, Dances including traditional Xhosa dancing and other cultural dance genres, Choral Singing (including adult choirs), solo singing (classical, musicals, folk and other genres), we also have a special POP / IDOLS competition within the Festival Syllabus. Also included is a huge CHOIR COMPETITION for Primary Schools, High Schools and adult choirs including church and other community choirs. The prize value is R9 000.00. SPEECH AND DRAMA including poetry, monologues, dialogues, one-act plays, choral verse, improvisations, mime, creative writing etc. ARTS AND CRAFTS. This was the biggest category in 2014 and included anything from the various painting skills and varieties to handmade crafts. This category has been enlarged to attract more people and especially adults in our neglected townships where it is clear to us that there are much good talent in this category. By enlarging this category allows talented members from our neglected areas the opportunity to sell their crafts directly to the public and by so doing earning some income. It is our vision and goal to involve as many members possible in our community to enroll in this part of the Festival. Other categories include: PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEOS. It can thus be clearly seen that we cater for ALL OF THE VARIOUS DIVISIONS OF ARTS AND CULTURE

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Venue: Sundays River Primary School
Event Address: Main Road, Sunland
Please Note: This event has already taken place. Please check our events list for current events.