Green Flag Trails

Green Flag Trails is an international standard for trail accreditation, to enhance public awareness of and confidence in trails. The system ensures well managed and environmentally accountable trails remain a valued and on-going resource for access to nature, recreation and trail sports, for health and tourism and the many benefits trails offer local communities.

The system is designed to meet the needs of trail users in relation to trail information, difficulty grading and skills and trail classification. Green Flag Trails is also a tool for trail managers who wish to receive objective trail assessments and to have their trail recognized as being under responsible management.


The four main criteria of an accredited Green Trail are the following:

- Responsible Management
- Accurate Trail Information
- Environmental Accountability
- Risk and Safety Monitoring

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Nelson Mandela Bay Hiking Trails assessed for green flag status: 

•       Aloe Trail - see 

•       Coastal Fynbos Trail - see

•       Groot Kloof Nature Reserve Trails - see

•       Grysbok trail - see 

•       Lady's Slipper Hiking Trail - see

•       Lower Guinea Fowl Hiking Trail (Settlerspark) - see

•       Maitlands Nature Reserve Hiking Trails - see 

•       Roseate Tern Hiking Trail – Cape Recife - see

•       The Sacramento Hiking Trail - see 

•       Van Der Kemps Kloof - see

•       Van Stadens Wildflower Reserve Trails - see