Nelson Mandela Bay Film Office


To harness and develop the Film Sector as a significant contributor to the economic prosperity of the Eastern Cape.



To Develop, promote, coordinate and facilitate film and television productions, attract local and international investments in the film and television industry, and contribute to socio-economic growth in Nelson Mandela Bay.



The key objectives of the Film and Music Office:

  • To improve the support and coordination offered to the film sector by local government.
  • To improve the promotion of Nelson Mandela Bay and the broader province as a viable competitive destination for international and domestic production.
  • To maximize investment in the region from both public and private sectors through the creation of an entertainment media-friendly environment.
  • To keep to Nelson Mandela Bay industry linked in with national opportunies via support for local clusters, partnerships, collectives, and networks.
  • To ensure that the maximum number of residents and local businesses benefit from the increase of film activity in Nelson Mandela Bay.
  • To assist in enhancing the value and availability of local film productions.




Tel: 041 503 7518

Film Permit Applications can be requested by email or telephone. Please complete the following form to fast track approval: NMB Film Permit Application Form