Ceaselessly wading through emotions - Exhibition Opening

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13 February 2020 - 13 February 2020
Ceaselessly wading through emotions - Exhibition Opening

Come support PE-based artist Muzi Sobuza and see his works, which will be on display at Alliance Française starting Thursday 13 February! Here is an explanation by the artist of what this exhibition will be about and what he tries to express through abstract paintings:

The emotional aspects of life have always intrigued me. I have striven to understand the conscious and subconscious effects emotions have on us. In this exhibition, I try and use self-reflection and introspection to highlight issues and dynamics concerning emotions and how they affect humankind.

As a society, we have classified being emotional as a feminine trait and being logical as a masculine trait, and it is considered improper for a man to display emotion whereas it is expected of women to do so. This is a misinformed and biased construct whose origin stems from the beginning of civilization. It is my perception that today, males and females are becoming increasingly emotionally aware of one another as beings that feel. We are connected to each other through emotions.

We have all had heartbreaks, sadness, laughter and happiness. No one is exempt from feeling. As sentient beings, we experience a flow of emotions that we should embrace to grow as people. It is key to learn how to be more open and accepting to hopefully improve our relationships with other human beings.

Once we let ourselves feel and acknowledge others’ feelings, we can access a wealth of emotions, thus opening ourselves to others and to the world.

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Telephone: 041 585 7889
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Venue: Alliance Fran├žaise
Event Address: 17 Mackay Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa


Latitude : -33° 57' 33.93" S | Longitude : 25° 36' 46.57" E

Please Note: This event has already taken place. Please check our events list for current events.