04 December 2017

Drama Seasons

Christmas is a very special time for many, many children all over the world.  Every culture dictates its own way of celebrating this special time of the year and in this production for young people and their families we take our audience on a delightful journey with special characters and filled with fun and merriment.

We find ourselves in Father Christmas’ workshop where three elves called Blizzard, Noodle and Chico are hard at work making and packing presents for delivery all over the world.  Chico is the adventurous one and always seems to get the others into trouble – with him of course!

Thereafter we meet the Christmas Crackers named Crackle, Crinkle and Bang in their beautiful display box in a shop, ready to be sold for Christmas festivities.  They manage to escape and find themselves in Father Christmas’ Flight Control Laboratory and this is where the trouble and fun really starts.

Father Christmas’ daughter daughter, Christine, falls off the sleigh while assisting her father on his journey around the world.   She lands on earth – upside down in a box of colourful plastic balls, all thanks to Bang who has been fiddling with the equipment in the Laboratory.

The production is filled with exciting experiences, lots of laughter, lots of dancing and singing and great audience participation!! 

The actors having fun in this production of Marlene Pieterse, are Danielle Koning, Emily Bradley, Brent Nomdoe and Rayvan Zealand. 

We invite all our young audience members to visit the Barn Theatre at the Port Elizabeth Opera House to find out how the crackers lost their bang while helping Christine.  And who would want a cracker without a bang on their Christmas table!

Tickets are available from  Nomgcobo Mkize at the PE Opera House, telephone 041 – 585 1300 or 073 190 6769.  Single adult :  R100, Adult + 3 Children : R150, Double Adults :  R150, one child R20.