11 September 2017

Dalin Oliver

Teacher turned Comedian, Dalin Oliver, is back with a few more lessons in his brand new stand-up comedy show, Face For Radio, following the sold out success of his debut one man show, I Came, I Taught, I Left. 10 years after matriculating, Dalin is struggling to adapt to the concept of adulting.
No one warned him about it. His Life Orientation teacher forgot to tell him that he`d have to pay tax, parallel park in on-common traffic and that datea would be expensive. Friendships and relationships have changed. His friends are getting married and going to Stodels on the weekend while he`s figuring out that Tinder is not that beneficial when you staying at home with your parents.
One day while playing PokemonGo, he realised that it was time to grow up. (Actually his mom told him that if he doesn`t get off his phone and clean his room he`ll never find a girlfriend.) It was time to get his act together.
So pop around to hear his stories. if you don`t he`ll only have family members attending and they would want complimentary tickets. We don`t want that now do we.