ONE LAND LOVE IT – Wayne Bolton’s The Ride of a Lifetime Book Launch

01 October 2021
ONE LAND LOVE IT – Wayne Bolton’s The Ride of a Lifetime Book Launch

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If you are looking for an inspirational and encouraging read, Wayne Bolton has just launched his book, ‘The Ride of a Lifetime’. It is based on his 6000 km mountain bike cycle around SA connecting all 19 SANParks in 80 days, for rhino conservation and recognising the work of our rangers. This true story is not just about cycling, parks or rhino but about navigating life.

The easy-to-read book follows a journey that was physically, emotionally and mentally challenging. Through the hottest summer in 100 years Wayne cycled in extreme temperatures, once recording 60°C. From park gate to park gate across SA he often rose at 3am to beat the heat and averaged 100 kms per day travelling on tar, dirt, freeways and remote far-flung roads, avoiding speeding trucks and cars or communing with sheep and other livestock in remote areas. Frequently in pain and often dealing with external distractions and dilemmas, he remained unswervingly committed to a plan that he would not deviate from. He learnt many life lessons which he shares with honesty and humour, regarding overcoming adversity, celebrating the victories, the importance of faith and courage and that where the mind leads the body follows.

Starting at Kruger National Park with a send-off from the Ranger Memorial, Wayne cycled from the north-eastern reaches across SA to the north-west coast down to the southernmost tip of Africa and back home to finish with an awesome celebratory welcome at Addo. It was an incredible feat and 3 generations of one family formed the support team as an example that no matter what your age or circumstances, you absolutely have the capacity to make a difference. ‘One Land Love It’ (OLLI) which was the name of the expedition, has now graduated to a registered non-profit company involved in supporting and creating awareness around rhino, challenging people to move from just caring to doing. “In the pages of this very personal book, you’ll find out what courage, humour and true grit it took for Wayne and his family to complete this remarkable odyssey against all odds. You’ll also find inspiration for your own personal journeys of discovery and how you too can leave a lasting legacy ‘for good’.” Kingsley Holgate – Explorer, humanitarian and author (Excerpt from the Foreword).

“This book is far more than one man’s cycling expedition. It makes one realize the strength of families working together; the power of joint custody to save a species that is at risk of extinction; and the realization that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things…” Dr Lyn Webb “In Wayne's words, 'If you see it and believe it, you can become it.' The measure of a good author is the ability to evoke a response in his or her audience and The Ride of a Lifetime does exactly that.

There are some laugh out loud moments as Wayne recounts the funnier side of his expedition and at yet other times, you may find yourself sniffing back tears.” Linda Twiggs (author) “If we all had Wayne’s passion and drive for the environment, I know this world would be a far better place.” John Adendorff (Previous Conservation Manager at Addo Elephant National Park - currently Park Manager at Majete in Malawi with African Parks) See where it all began as Wayne reflects on his "Ride of a Lifetime".

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Author: Wayne Bolton