22 November 2016

Cllr Andrew Whitfield, MMC: Economic Development, Agriculture and Tourism; Ms Mandlakazi Skefile, CEO: Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and Mr Ryler Masterton, Director Mastertons Coffee and Tea Specialists proudly showing off the new Bay Blend and Nelson Mande

In an effort to create unique and exciting experiences to visitors and locals of the city, whilst working toward the goal of stimulating the local economy, Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism has collaborated with Mastertons Coffee and Tea Specialists, the oldest and most established coffee roaster in South Africa, in operation since 1924, to develop a unique blend of exclusive coffee: “The Blend of the Bay”, with flavour so rich and refined that it is sure to inspire and captivate the taste buds of all java lovers and even the most avid coffee enthusiasts around. 

Coffee forms part of many people’s daily routines, starting with that “first cup to start the day” right down to that “stress reliever” cup many rely on throughout the day. Coffee culture has grown tremendously in South Africa over the last 10 years, with Nelson Mandela Bay’s very own Mastertons at the helm of it all since 1924. It is for this reason that NMBT has embraced the growing trend through this collaboration.

“Nelson Mandela Bay is a city of rich cultural heritage, as proven by establishments such as Mastertons, who have been in the Bay for nearly 100 years, and who continue to set the standard by producing high quality coffee that we all can enjoy. As part of our commitment to support and grow the local economy, we are proud to partner with the private sector to yield a product of such high standard.” Shared Chief Executive Officer of Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism: Ms Mandlakazi Skefile

With the support and partnership of Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism, the initiative seeks to establish the city as a leading tourist destination, offering an array of unique experiences and things to do in and around the city. The collaboration also solidifies the effort and commitment of NMBT to support and grow the local economy, creating a positive spin off that would benefit the private sector, such as the hospitality and retail industry within the Bay.

Commenting on the branding and packaging of the product, Ms Skefile added: “Even when you look at the packaging, you will notice the theme of our iconic Route 67, giving it a true home grown look and feel, also symbolising freedom and representing the name of the icon after who this city is named, Tata Nelson Mandela.”

 “We believe that collaborations like this will truly showcase what the city has to offer and will directly benefit our local economy and create employment opportunities. We appreciate that NMBT reaches out to the private sector, where together, we are able to come up with unique initiatives such as this one. We invite everyone from the public to come out and try the Bay’s very own coffee blend.” shared Ryler Masterton of Mastertons.

Mastertons have put in their best efforts to produce The Blend of the Bay, stating that it is one of their best yet. The team have embraced the challenge and have produced a positive end result that is sure to tick all the boxes among coffee lovers.