Bethelsdorp Khoi Experience – Tiqua God of the Khoi

Rates valid between 23 February 2023 and 31 January 2025.
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Bethelsdorp Khoi Experience – Tiqua God of the Khoi Bethelsdorp Khoi Experience – Tiqua God of the Khoi-2 Bethelsdorp Khoi Experience – Tiqua God of the Khoi-3


Bethelsdorp Khoi Experience – Tiqua God of the Khoi The experience takes you on an experience of yesteryear, in the company of the Khoi, to a journey of the past in a trip around Bethelsdorp, a village founded by Van Der Kemp in the 1800s. Thereafter to a nature trail of discoveries of biomes of a rare kind and an array of interesting existence of both fauna and flora. You will meet a local Khoi Chief and learn more about this ancient South African Culture, thereafter, a traditional meal is served with a presentation of the history of the area.  The Khoisan had roamed freely over the southern regions of the African continent millennia before the arrival of either the Bantu advancing from the north or the whites settling in the south. From the mountains to the coastline, the early Khoisan inhabitants utilized the diverse ecological niches and the rich resources of the wilderness including game, fish and shellfish.  Through a process of commingling marked by trade, intermarriage and warfare, the Khoisan also profoundly influenced the Xhosa, traces of which remain in the Xhosa language itself and certain shared techniques, ritual observances, and cultural traits. In later years the Khoisan disappear as a distinct group becoming part of the emerging coloured population of South Africa and Nelson Mandela Bay.  The walking tour includes a visit to Bethelsdorp which was established in 1803 by Dr Johannes Theodosuis Van Der Kemp and was the first organised settlement in the Algoa Bay area, bar the military command post at Fort Frederick. He was sent by the London Missionary Society and arrived in the area in 1801. He built a permanent settlement to fulfil his missionary work. The history of the settlement is both interesting and historically valuable. 


Duration: 4 Hours Included: Guided Walk, Drinks, Traditional Meals, Khoi Experience. Location: Grootkloof / Van Der Kempskloof What to bring: • Please dress comfortably as we will be doing a 6km hike. • A backpack or slackpack would make the hike a bit easier. • Sunscreen / Hat and a Rain Jacket in case weather is inclement. • 1 water,1 juice, 2 fruit and an energy bar will be supplied but any additions you wish to bring is welcomed.


We have a few packages that are very adaptable depending on what our clients are looking for. Our full package includes a traditional Khoi dance group that welcomes the group to Grootkloof Nature Reserve. From there our traditional Khoi "chief" welcomes the group and tells them more about the Koi history and culture. He then hands over a traditional gift from the Khoi as a souvenir for the group. Then one of our traditional Khoi botanists tells about what plants and how the Khoi used the plants. Afterwards we walk a 6 km walking route from Grootkloof to van der Kemps Kloof with a nature guide. It's a wonderful route and includes some of the biomes in the bay. Afterwards we end the walking route in Bethelsdorp at the "almshouses" the old Bethelsdorp mission station and slave bells. Here you can also see one of the oldest bibles in Africa. After that we depart back to Grootkloof where we enjoy a nice traditional Khoi meal in the company of the Khoi and end the day.


Grootkloof Nature Reserve, Cannon St, Hillside, Bethelsdorp, 6059


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