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RECOMMENDED HIKING TIMES: 08h00 – 16h00 (gate closes at 16H00)

Winding through the forests, from Falcon Rock to the “Lady’s Slipper” Mountain Peak, you’ll be enchanted by the surreal 360-degree views and the highest point of the Peak at 603m. The rocky cliffs and magnificent quartzite outcrops beckon you to explore further through the pristine fynbos.


Please remember that this is a Nature Reserve:
- Take enough water! Eat well before and take snacks.
- Snakes are easier to spot on a clear trail than in an un-cleared area. Scorpions live under these rocks; avoid lifting them.
- Wear hiking boots/shoes with good grip, layered clothing and a sun hat. The weather at the mountain can change in a heartbeat.
- Remain on the trails marked for hiking.
- Bring back all our waste and avoid leaving any form of graffiti.
- Do not be excessively loud or play music on the trails. Visitors using these trails come to enjoy the beauty and sounds of nature.
- No drones allowed.
- No picking of flowers. Nature reserve laws and fines apply.
- For reservation and general enquiries, please contact Gary Gradwell from Falcon Rock Adventure Centre on +27 (0) 83 327 3456/+27 (0) 82 800 9279 or email: genie@falconrock.co.za.
- For emergencies on the trail, please contact Reserve Manager, Gary Gradwell on +27 (0) 83 327 3456.


The Lady Slipper Hiking Trail starts of at Falcon Rock. Falcon Rock is a safe, relaxed, family oriented, outdoor and adventure based venue where all are welcome to enjoy "getting back to nature" in an atmosphere far beyond the usual. The natural surroundings, rustic infrastructure and variety of outdoor activities are certain to satisfy all ages and groups.

The distinctive Lady's Slipper rock formation on the mountain overlooking "Falcon Rock" was a well known feature that travellers used as a beacon, or marker, to guide them. It was also used as a gathering place where wagons were outspanned and the oxen allowed to rest and graze while the weary travellers took it easy.

Falcon Rock offers a range of exciting products that customers enjoy and reflect on, long after their visit.

Camps: Accommodating 115 in dormitory, rooms and cabins. Surplus accommodated in tents.

Team Building: Abseiling, Combat Zone, Sniper Range, Survival Camp, Obstacle Course, Inter-Action Arena, Bow Master Archery and a huge variety of outcome based team building activities.

Day Visitors: Picnic and Braai facilities with options of activities.

The Lady Slipper trail starts off on a shared route starting from the Adventure Centre and later splits giving you the option of either Red or Green Route. The Red Route being a little more adventurous and shorter, but it is a steeper climb for the more adventurous hikers. Green is a longer route but much easier.

Once you have signed in, you’ll head up the road (jeep track) in the direction of the Labyrinth.

You’ll begin following the markers - Yellow Arrows with Yellow Dots, turn right at the Labyrinth and continue on this trail until reaching the junction where you will find an option of either Green or Red Route. These markers are Yellow Arrows with either Green or Red Dots. All routes will also be marked with Yellow Leopard Paw Print accompanied by the colour dots for that trail.

Taking either will bring you to the plateau where you will need to make your last ascent around the north side (other side from where you started) to reach the summit. Arriving at the summit you will find a large boulder with a direction dial fixed to the top of it. Here you will be at the highest point of the Van Staden’s Mountain Range and right above the Lady’s Slipper itself with Falcon Rock directly below. A couple metres in front of this boulder (facing the ocean) you will find a yellow leopard paw print on a low rock. This will lead you off the lip of the mountain and to the right, under the ridge and back over again to the same trail that brought you up the north side. (NB! In strong winds, avoid this section and rather double back the way you came.) Continue down to the plateau and once again choose either the Red Route or Green Route to return to Base Camp at the Adventure Centre.

- Falcon Rock: Falcon Rock was named after a huge quartzite rock which the falcons nested on years ago. Although their nesting habits have changed, they can still be seen in the skies and occasionally perched on a fence pole in the fields.
- Labyrinth: Enjoy a calming walk to the centre.
- Picnic and Braai Facilities: Prebook with Falcon Rock
- Camping: For adventure's needing a home base to explore the territory around the Lady's Slipper area whether it be mountain biking, hiking trails or rock climbing then this natural, rustic site is for you.
- Rock Climbing: Climbing sites in the area include Lady's Slipper, Van Stadens Gorge, Sleepy Hollow, PE Urban Crags & Boulders, Elands River. Information on these sites can be found at www.easterncaperockclimbing.co.za
- Paragliding: Lady’s Slipper mountain is a favourite paragliding site for local pilots. On a good day you will spot them thermalling and soaring above you as you hike up the Slipper. For Tandem paragliding Experience contact Ben Arnold 082 334 1283 or Cal Dyker 082 655 3214.

Plant and animals

Top Fauna:
- Smith’s Dwarf Chamaeleon
- Orange-breasted Sunbird
- Victorin’s Warbler
- Cape Sugarbird
- Ground Woodpecker
- Protea Canary

Top Flora:
- King Protea & varied Erica Species
- Fountainbushes
- Blisterbushes
- Shy Waxberry
- African Boxwood & Iron Martin
Download the Coastal Fynbos Trail Guide Map here. https://www.nmbt.co.za/uploads/1/files/doc_lady_slipper_hiking_trail_guide_map.pdf

NOTE: Use of the area is entirely at your own risk.