White Shark Cage DIving


Shark Cage Diving in Port Elizabeth, offered by Raggy Charters, provides our guests with the exhilaration of viewing one of nature's most respected apex predator, the Great White Shark. We feel privileged to be the first operator to offer a Shark Cage Diving experience in Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth. The aim of this tour is to showcase the diversity of Algoa Bay by giving our guests on board the opportunity to encounter and learn about a wide variety of marine species from the endangered African Penguin and iconic Bottlenose Dolphin right through to the magnificent though often misunderstood Great White Shark.


More than a shark cage diving tour. Our Shark Cage Diving Tour is an all inclusive 8 hour tour that covers every corner of Algoa Bay from April to September. We meet at 7am at the Nelson Mandela Bay Yacht Club in the Port Elizabeth Harbour departing shortly after and returning at about 4pm. We make the 1.5 hour run across the length of Algoa Bay to the Bird Island Group consisting of three islands, namely, Bird, Stag and Seal island which is home to the largest colony of Cape Gannets in the world and between 6000 to 8000 South African Fur Seals on Black Rocks. Whilst on route to the Bird Island Group the possibilities for sightings are endless with the Sardine Run still taking place during the months of April, May and June and the migratory Humpback & Southern Right Whales arriving in June and July and staying right through to November. During April, May and June guests on board this cruise have a heightened chance of observing Cape Gannets, Long-beaked Common Dolphins, South African Fur Seals, African Penguins, Brydes and Minke Whales, Shark species and a wide variety of marine birds feeding on large shoals of sardines and other bait fish. Upon arrival at Bird Island guests will engage in an educational Shark Cage Diving experience that will give them an insight and understanding to the anatomy and behavior of the Bay’s apex predator the Great White Shark. Raggy Charters has been assisting Dr Matt Dicken to conduct research on Great White Sharks at Bird Island for ten years and Bird Island is the only place in the world where there is a data set collected before Shark Cage Diving started in the area. The goal for 2019 is to continue this research whilst Shark Cage Diving is taking place. Part of this research will entail fitting acoustic tags to ten Great White Sharks which will provide invaluable information on the species. This tagging operation will take place during some of our Shark Cage Diving tours allowing guests to witness and be a part of this research project. After the Shark Cage Diving experience a packed lunch is served before we head inshore from Bird Island to the spectacular views of the Alexandria Dune Fields, a favorite place to observe pods of Bottlenose Dolphins who under the right conditions surf the waves towards the beach leaping out the back of the waves just before reaching the sand. This coastal route then brings us to the last stop of the tour, St Croix Island. St Croix Island is home to the largest breeding colony of African Penguins with approximately 22000 birds on the island. Whilst at St Croix guests will learn its unique history and be informed of the hard times that the African Penguins have faced and how research and conservation efforts are carried out at the island. Our Boat: For this tour we use our 10.16 meter Butt-Cat called ‘My China’. This vessel is locally built and specifically designed for spending a full day on the ocean with comfortable seating and a shade cover. The catamaran type hull increases stability whilst cruising and at anchor and allows us to cruise comfortably at considerable speed. The sides of the boat are free of fittings allowing for easy viewing and a viewing platform on top of the cabin provides a 360 degree view with added height for those who are eager to help spotting or get a great view and photo opportunity of any action around the boat. A platform at the back of the boat houses our three man cage for the Shark Cage Diving section of the tour.


Full day tour includes cage diving equipment: ie: wetsuite & mask, spring water on tap and light lunch - please bring your own cold drinks, sunscreen and towel.


An extensive tour of as much of Algoa Bay as possible going out to Bird Island, Alexandria Sand Dunes and so much more


Algoa Bay


This tour is seasonal and operates from April to September annually


Bookings may be made through the 'Contact' page on our website or via email or call us. Please enquire about rates


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